Message from Minister of Agriculture- Jahad

"Productivity poses the core strategy of the Ministry towards boosting and sustaining production in the sector".

Given the policies and acts pertinent to "Resilience Economy" in the sector, following pinpoints are well-underscored in my Ministry for higher performance:

1- Escalating productivity and production of strategic crops;

2- Improving infrastructures for higher inputs generation;

3- Creating safe and reliable stocks of strategic agro crops to ensure Food Security;

4- Paving the way for wider export of agro crops and foodstuff; and

5 - Benefiting from external production resource within the framework of “External Agriculture” initiative;

Moreover, focusing on sustainability seems more significant than production based on protection of basic resources topped by soil and water.

Upon this idea, productivity underlies the operations followed by preserving soil and water resources towards higher performance and economizing crops on

a knowledge-based process.

There are certain initiatives so far adopted to enhance productivity index within the operational system which however, relies on sound rules and regulations and financial mechanisms to be facilitated by relevant authorities.

The sector, due to its nature, frequently confronts with diverse disasters e. g. chilling, flooding, drought, pests invasion, etc, and hence, entails wider support and compensation.

We are trying our best to switch over to new and viable strategies as to create cost-effective occupation and export-oriented crops during the next National Development Plan (2016-2020) by employing modern initiatives, inputs, technologies and know-how. The idea encompasses introduction of new machinery, wider pressure irrigation system, high-performance seeds and greater processed commodities for target markets.

Besides, the sector has encouraged intensive practices under greenhouse farming operation for greater outputs and less water consumption.
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