Minister of Agriculture-Jahad's Biography


Minister of Agriculture-Jahad / Mr. M. Hojjati's Biography

Mr. Hojjati was born in 1955 in a religious family of Najafabad, Esfahan province.

He completed his academic education in Industrial University of Esfahan and eagerly joined the revolutionary Organization of Reconstruction (Jahad-e-Sazandegi) once massively called and urged by Late Imam Khomeini.

Mr.Hojjati soon stepped up and could enter into the Central Steering Council of the foregoing Ministry.

The imposed proxy war during 80s created chance for him to appear in battlefields and bravely contribute to many logistic operations as well as certain military defense operations. There indentified many martyrs from his relatives bestowed to the sacred defense during the imposed war.

The Minister has experienced a 5–year assignment as Governor General of Sistan & Baluchestan province which remarked for impressive services rendered to deprived people by his leadership.

As per his professional career i.e. Civil Engineering, he undertook an ambitious commitment for construction of a big earth-dam across Karkheh River and successfully finalized the national project.

He also had the opportunity to handle the Ministry of Road and Transportation during 1997-2000 and generated outstanding impacts in national development process.

The year 2000 remarked a dynamic merger of the then Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Jahad for Reconstruction, leading to the new and biggest Ministry of Agriculture – Jahad covering 80,000 personnel with diverse missions and dispersion at national scale.

The new discipline was focusing on foodstuff provision for the nation and had to offer the commitment to a well-experienced and proactive leader and Hojjati was the first and best option who took over the task with least challenge and tension confronted in agro- production process.

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